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This free* program gives you the ability to track the driving habits of yourself or others on your policy.  Signup for Rockingham's SmartWheelDrive Program, and we will send you a device to easily install in your car. After you register, your secure log-in will allow you to visit the SmartWheelDrive website anytime to view your driving statistics.  

Benefits of SmartWheelDrive

  • Parental control of the account and driving information
  • Vehicle health and trouble code diagnosis
  • Extensive data of your trips and improvement tips
  • Discounts up to 15% off

To learn more review our extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.  


SmartWheelDrive Registration

Received your device and need to get registered? Complete the registration process in a few minutes.

Need help locating your ODBII port? Visit Octo USA and fill out your vehicle's make, model, year, etc. Want to get the app for your phone?  Click the link for which platform you have:
Android Users
Apple Users

Also check out our short video tutorial on how to navigate the SmartWheelDrive website. Visit our YouTube page to see a tutorial video on the SmartWheelDrive Mobile App.


SmartWheelDrive Signup

Interested in the SmartWheelDrive Program and want your own device to track the driving habits of those on your auto policy? Complete this form and we will get a device in the mail to you. Not all vehicles are eligible for the program. Review the Incompatibility List to make sure your vehicle isn't listed.

*Vehicles older than 1996 are not compatible with the device. *