FraudScout is a credit and identity monitoring service powered by CyberScout formerly IDT 911. It's available for Rockingham Group Homeowner, Mobile Homeowner, and Farm* policyholders with several levels of protection; Silver, Gold, and Platinum service bundles.

The FraudScout Silver Bundle is included (for one individual per household). To take advantage of the included Silver Bundle offer, you must activate the service by completing the form below. The Silver Bundle may be upgraded to Gold or Platinum for a reduced cost. You can add FraudScout services for other household members. Click the links below to learn more about identity theft and fraud protection services.

Protect additional household members. Add individuals to your existing FraudScout account, click here to sign them up. Email address is required for activation. 


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Must be 18 years or older to use FraudScout.

*Homeowners, Mobile Homeowners, or Farm*
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*Some restrictions apply. The FraudScout included Silver bundle offer is available for Farm policies renewing after 11/1/17. The activation fee will be removed after policy renews.