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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment Breakdown Insurance
This unique option for your insurance is designed to provide protection for losses that your property insurance typically doesn’t cover (after a $500 per occurrence deductible). 


Appliances and equipment can suffer breakdowns at any time. Equipment Breakdown Coverage will help you deal with such unexpected occurrences and it can be added to your existing Homeowners policy for between $15 and $50.  
Equipment Breakdown Coverage extends to all essential home systems and personal property found in today’s modern home such as televisions, central air conditioning and heating systems, home security systems, swimming pools, and home computers. The coverage is convenient and seamless—there are no separate warranty programs or fees to manage. And, best of all, you benefit from peace of mind in knowing that you are covered for the systems you depend on the most.
More information can be found on our flyer.

Farmowners and Businessowners

If you have a farmowners or businessowners policy, you can enjoy the same great coverage, but this policy feature also extends to cover your equipment like boilers, pumps, motors, alarm systems and computers.

In addition to covering the repair or replacement of equipment, this special option for your policy includes expediting expenses, pollutant cleanup and removal, and refrigerant contamination cleanup due to a mechanical breakdown of covered equipment.

This policy does not cover mobile equipment (like tractors) but does cover most implements that are used with mobile equipment.  The average cost of this endorsement is $36 per year and will vary depending on the size of your operation.

More information can be found on our flyer.


(Please note that Equipment Breakdown Coverage does not apply to normal wear and tear and is not a warranty.)