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Earthquake Coverage

Earthquakes on the east coast are not a common event, but they can, and do, happen.  Coverage for earthquakes is excluded on Rockingham property policies as it doesn't fall in the realm of normal occurrences.  However, coverage for earthquakes can be added back in by adding an endorsement to your property policy.

The most common earthquake endorsement for a homeowners policy provides coverage for direct physical loss to property that is covered under Coverages A, B, & C and is cause by an earthquake.  A single earthquake occurrence is 168 hours or 7 days - this covers the earthquake, aftershocks, and tremors.

Crack in Brick Wall

Exterior masonry veneer coverage is excluded from the endorsement, unless you specifically request to add it.  Other exclusions are damages cause by:

  • Flood cause by earthquake
  • Landslide subsidence, erosion, etc., unless caused by earthquake
  • Cost of filling land

This endorsement comes with the option of a 2%, 5%, 10%, 15%, or 20% deductible, but the deductible will not be less than $250 per occurrence under each coverage.

What is described above is our most popular earthquake endorsement.  To see what other endorsements we have to offer, or if this type of coverage is right for you, then contact your agent to discuss.