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Insurance Fraud

FraudInsurance fraud can generally be defined as the act of falsifying or exaggerating an incident in an attempt to receive payment or compensation from an insurance company that otherwise would not be made.

The cost, estimated at $30 billion per year by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, not only affects consumer's premiums, but also drives up the operating costs of contracted businesses utilized by insurance companies.

One way that we strive to keep costs down is by investigating claims where potential fraud may exist. Our Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is responsible for the investigation and assistance in the possible prosecution of suspect claims.

The SIU, while seeking to validate a claim, may uncover indications of possible fraud that may lead to a more in-depth investigation. Per law, the SIU is required to report all suspected fraud to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Both Pennsylvania and Virginia have entities tasked with the investigation and prosecution of insurance fraud. Prior to and during the prosecution of suspected fraud, our SIU works closely with the Virginia State Police Insurance Fraud Division and the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

How do I help stop vehicle insurance fraud?

  1. Carry a disposable camera or camera phone in your vehicle and document all damage sustained in an accident.
  2. Make a note of the number of subjects in the other vehicle involved.
  3. Obtain all insurance information, including the name of the company, agent, and policy number.
  4. Obtain the other driver's name, date of birth, address, and phone numbers.
  5. Make a note of the vehicles license plate, color, make, model and year of manufacture, if possible.
  6. IMPORTANT! Contact law enforcement! If the other subject leaves, remain on the scene until law enforcement arrives. Do not allow the other party to pressure you into refusing law enforcement regardless of the extent of the damage.
  7. Report suspected fraud to our SIU by calling 800-662-5246, x585 or by completing the online form. Anonymity is honored.

Fraud Reporting Contacts

If you suspect someone is committing insurance fraud against the Rockingham Group, report it!

You can call our SIU at 800-662-5246, x585.

You can call the Virginia State Police Fraud Unit at 877-62FRAUD (623-7283)

You can call the Pennsylvania Attorney General at 717-787-0272

You can complete our online SIU referral form.