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The Rockingham Group

The Rockingham Group has been providing for the insurance needs of generations of policy holders. Since 1869, through times of hardship and prosperity, we have established a reputation of delivering on our promises to our policy holders. That is the Rockingham difference!

We provide insurance services through local agent offices in communities throughout Pennsylvania and VirginiaRockingham Group consists of the following companies: Rockingham Insurance Company, Rockingham Casualty Company, and Rockingham Mutual Service Agency, Inc.

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2016 Rockingham Group Annual Report

Since 1869, our goal has been to help customers protect their assets from perils that threaten their financial well-being.  These risks take many forms – hurricanes, fires, accidents and lawsuits, to name a few. 
2016 Rockingham Annual Report
We promise to be there to meet your insurance needs now and in the future. Our strong financial results ensure the stability that you rely on. We constantly strive to balance adequate insurance pricing against affordability for our policyholders. [View Annual Report in PDF format]